Unfortunately, there is a world of mystical myths our there related to mosquitoes, and when these pests seem to be flying all around us – we might begin to believe in them. Or, we may just decide that we want to get rid of them forever.

Certain sources say it is your blood type. For example, it has been said that mosquitoes love O Type bloods. Others say it is our food and drink preferences. For example, if you consume a lot of sugar, mosquitoes come for you even more. If you happen to be O Positive or O Negative, and you are out in your backyard or a neighbor’s yard, and you are trying to bask in the sun with a tasty drink – you are all out of luck. Not so!

There are more than a few myths our mosquito control Winston Salem NC specialists know to be untrue. Serving Greensboro, NC and Kernersville, NC as well, we are NoMosquitoes.Com and we want to keep you informed.

  • There are no mosquito-viruses in America. Last year, there were about 90 cases of the Zika virus reported in North Carolina alone. Though the number has dropped to 1 – it is only February. We would rather be safe than sorry any day.
  • Oily candles will protect you. Sadly, oily scented candles, bracelets, or other oily scented items are not going to keep mosquitoes away for good –not even for 5 minutes.
  • It is the foods or drinks you are having. There you are enjoying a slice of fresh-baked garlic bread and a ton of mosquitoes come after you. Perhaps you were just sipping a beer. Either way, you go online and it turns out – some sources blame you for your taste buds. This is untrue. Taste has nothing to do with it.

Keep in mind that all of these are myths, and our mosquito control Winston Salem NC and Greensboro NC experts can help you debunk them and destroy mosquitoes.

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