North Carolina has been lucky to have at least a few days of warm weather in February. Families have already started grilling, dipping their toes in the pool, and shopping for warm Spring and Summer decorations for the coming sun. However, if it seems that every time you and your family try to enjoy the outdoors, mosquitoes are out of control – then contact NoMosquitoes.Com.

Not sure if they are out of control? Our mosquito control Winston Salem NC teams want you to ask yourself this question: are you really feeling the bite?

  • They are itchy and unavoidable. You can try to ignore them, but somehow they still tempt you – days at a time. This means having to mix up home remedies or run out to the store for rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide just for a minute of relief.
  • They are usually several of them. It is not always the “one” bite. The female mosquito consumes blood for each of her batch of eggs. This means you could end up going to bed at the end of the night with bites all over you!
  • They are messy. Either we scratch to the point that we bleed or we slap the mosquito before they can leave too much of a bite and blood seems to get Yikes!

NoMosquitoes.Com is your mosquito control Winston Salem NC leader. We serve the additional areas of Greensboro and Kernersville. We prevent the number of mosquitoes swarming around your outdoors so that you can:

Talk more, play more, and have less mosquitoes to ignore, scratch, and make a mess of. Imagine how you will be able to relax each evening when there are no mosquitoes to pester you, your family, your pets, or your guests every 10 seconds.

With our team, mosquito control is simple.

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