This just in – mosquitoes are on the rise. Right about now, they are coming out of hibernation and they are gathering for a feast that is conveniently located in your backyard. Somehow it is like they know we want to pull out our outside dining collection, kick off our flops, and soak in the sun in our bathing suits. Somehow they know that when we are outside, they should be outside with us.

Of course, the best way to prevent them is with mosquito control Winston Salem NC services from NoMosquitoes.Com. If you want to be prepared, we have your back there, too. Follow these easy steps so you are better prepared for the rise of mosquitoes in your neighborhood.

  • Gardening – if you are planning to be outdoors anyway, you might as well do it right. By planting certain greenery like horsemint or even catnip around your garden – you can temporarily repel mosquitoes.
  • Gearing Up – mosquito bites suck. The sooner you can handle them, the better. After a rinse, make sure you have anti-itch cream, rubbing alcohol, or something or preventative remedy to give you relief.
  • Giving Us a Call – you may not have a mosquito problem that is out of control, but around April or May – you could. If you want to be sure your yard is properly prepped – contact us.

Does your neighborhood’s pest problem already seem out of your control? We serve Greensboro, Kernersville, and Winston Salem so neighbors everywhere can enjoy March in peace. Notably, March and April are seasons where most mosquitoes are still raising up from hibernation. It’s when the sun really gets hot that the female mosquitoes want to start feeding for their babies.

Obviously, we don’t want them feeding on your blood and giving birth to even more mosquitoes in your back yard. Prepare for the Potential Rise with NoMosquitoes.Com

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