As your kids gear up for warmer school days, breaks, and field trips – you may want to ensure they have everything they need to stay safe from mosquitoes. For us, that means letting our mosquito control Winston Salem NC experts come out to scan your yard for mosquito infestations. As it is, mosquitoes do not have an age preference for their victims. Adults, children, and even infants can be made vulnerable to these particular pests. knows where to look for these bugs and just how to stop them from taking over your territory. After all, your children and you should be able to enjoy these warmer days like everyone else.

What is it about mosquitoes that’s so bad?

A bite here or there, no big deal, right? Well, with the outbreak of Zika in the past couple years, and the fact that mosquitoes can cause a few other viruses – a mosquito bite is worth paying attention to. Even if these viruses are rare in the U.S, a general mosquito bite is annoying, itchy and noticeable. Sometimes the bite is big, and sometimes the bite is small. Either way, these bites to get our mosquito control Winston Salem NC team like they get to a lot of people, including the little ones.

How to deal with mosquito bites?

Scratch away, right? Not quite – there are more effective ways to handle these itchy spots. Though tempting to rub your child down with rubbing alcohol, peroxide, or scented lotion – we advise checking with the ingredients to be sure what you are using is safe on them. Whatever you do, you may want to stop your child from scratching their bites until they bleed.

The American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology suggests using lotion, ice, or even soap and water. Of course, if the itchiness and redness and soreness remains, contact a doctor or physician for more advice.

Our mosquito control Winston Salem NC experts also serve Greensboro NC and Kernersville NC – let us help you protect your child today!

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