We know. In fact, our mosquito control Winston Salem NC gurus are well aware that mosquitoes are one of the most bothersome pests in the world, especially around this time of year. Their numbers are about to surge and with those numbers comes the increased risk that you, your family, or someone you know could come down with…something. Despite their being annoying,¬†mosquitoes do live an interesting life, with some species taking between 7 days and a month to fully become the female adult mosquito that bites.

As a way to keep you informed about the insects we handle every day, here is a brief overview from our mosquito control Winston Salem NC team on the life of a mosquito.

Phase 1 (Egg): well, all life has to start somewhere like this, right? With mosquitoes, the eggs build on a surface of water or a surface that will eventually flood with water like moistened soil. This is why it is important to eliminate any sitting water from your property.

Phase 2 (Larva): after a time spent in water, the larvae come up for air and grow bigger and bigger until they are ready for the next phase. At this stage in getting rid of mosquitoes, it is key that the larvae are exterminated.

Phase 3 (Pupa): it is here that the little mosquitoes begin to move and shift towards adulthood. In the right temperatures, this change from larva to pupa can happen in a couple days. They are still developing under water at this point but it is a matter of time before they become adults.

Phase 4 (Adult): once at the surface of the water, the mosquitoes dry off their body parts and abandon their nesting spot. It is not for another couple of days, however, that they begin to feed on available blood and mate.

The neat thing about our mosquito control Winston Salem, Greensboro NC, and Kernersville NC efforts is that we know all these stages and are prepared to deal with each and every one.

Give us a day in your backyard if you fear there is a mosquito life cycle occurring and we will see what we can do.

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