Some people have the misconception that mosquitoes always have a tendency to bite them, because of their perfume, lotion, or blood type. Maybe it is something about my Peaches and Cream X or my Vanilla Bean Y. Maybe it is my O-Negative or AB Positive. People may tell themselves these ideas, but none of them hold value (yet). In truth, it is none of these characteristics. It also has nothing to do with how old you are, your race, or even the food you eat.

As of now, scientists are still searching for an explanation as to why mosquitoes seem to prefer certain individuals. So far, it has come down to odorant characteristics that affect mosquitoes’ sense of smell. If not smell, then it could be that mosquitoes highly prefer pregnant women. Ironically enough, the female mosquito is the only type that bites, because she needs blood to lay fertile eggs. On the other hand, male mosquitoes prefer sugar and nectar – so, which could it be?

Either way, male or female, blood type or not – our mosquito control Winston Salem NC pros do not necessarily think it has anything to do with your taste in smell-good, feel-good lotions or your blood type.

If mosquitoes are constantly attacking you while you are trying to enjoy evening outdoor festivities, then you simply need mosquito control Winston Salem NC services from NoMosquitoes.Com. These particular pests can drive us mad, and not madly in love with our outdoors. In fact, they can drive us to stay indoors.

With temperatures ranging from 55 degrees to the low 70s this February 2017, can you risk not embracing the cool afternoons and the warm evenings of Greensboro, Kernersville, and Winston-Salem, NC?

Mosquitoes may not love you, but we love what we do. Let us love what we do in your yard space today.

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