Are you constantly bothered by bug bites in your backyard? With warm weather around the corner, it is important that you keep track of how often bugs pester you in your outdoor living space. After all, how often you are bit depends on how much you need to prepare for outdoor gatherings. Mosquitoes, especially, can cause bites to itch and bother us for days at a time. Certainly, that is not something we want to subject our house guests to! Our mosquito control Winston Salem NC experts can help you be rid of these particular pests. Serving Greensboro NC and Kernersville NC as well, we offer all kinds of guidance on stopping mosquitoes in March.

Do Mosquito Bites Always Mean You Need Mosquito Control?

Well, it depends. If you or your family is bitten every once and awhile, then maybe you can live with mosquitoes. However, one bite from a mosquito can cause you to become terribly ill. In addition to Zika, mosquitoes can spread dengue and chikungunya. According to the Center for Disease Control, these viruses have millions of cases come into existence each year and in all parts of the world. We would rather our Greensboro, Winston Salem, and Kernersville NC residents be safe rather than sorry when traveling outdoors. Safety, of course, begins in your very own neighborhood.

So, before you venture outdoors, let our mosquito control team at scope out your yard space. We will investigate the problem area where mosquitoes seem to be and go from there. The sooner we spot the them, the sooner you can get back to enjoying your outdoor living space without having to run inside to deal with yet another sore, red mosquito bite. For the sake of your Spring Break and your family’s – give us a call for affordable mosquito care today!

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