At, our mosquito control experts in Winston Salem, NC are glad the weather’s getting warmer. As you enjoy North Carolina’s warmer weather in Winston Salem, Greensboro, and Kernersville – you may be wondering what the best time of day is to enjoy it. That is, when is the best time to be outdoors without fear of being bit by mosquitoes? Is it better to avoid these pests early in the day? Or, is it better to avoid them at late at night? Well, there is an invasive type of the Aedes mosquito that could potentially be harmful during the day time. They are typically black and white, and well, bothersome.

For daytime and nighttime protection, keep this mosquito control Winston Salem NC information in mind.

What’s So Harmful About Them?

Though less so in our parts of the nation, these type of tiny, striped pests have been known to carry awful diseases and viruses including yellow fever. More recently, they brought malaria and the Zika Virus to the United States. If you have read about or seen the cases, then you likely already know how these seemingly minor bugs can be harmful in a worst case scenario.

Where Did They Come From?

In today’s society, it is even easier for insects like mosquitoes to cross borders. Some reports show that mosquitoes end up in America from Australia, Africa, and even Asia. It is actually startling to think about! How could such a tiny thing get all the way here? Life happens, and when it happens in your backyard, contact our mosquito control Winston Salem NC team at for assistance!

Why Are They Prevalent?

Look around your back yard. This is where certain kinds of Aedes mosquitoes can be found. Our professionals know just what to look for in your personal outdoor living space and environment.

Day or night, get protected in Winston Salem, Greensboro, and Kernersville with Contact us today to get started.

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