Did the mosquito come after you due to your blood type? Was it the soap or perfume you had on? Our mosquito control team in Winston Salem NC, Greensboro NC, and Kernersville NC team will have you know – it had nothing to do with your blood type or your taste in perfume.

Have you ever felt the tingling sensation of a mosquito biting you, and then popped it flat just in time to stop it from leaving you a swollen bump? If you have done this, then you probably know the mixed feelings of pride, because you got rid of just one more pest in the world and disgust, because your skin is now a bloody mess. Maybe even, the sight of that much blood in a tiny insect makes you wonder about your own blood.

Female mosquitoes bite what is readily available to them when they are on the quest for a meal.

Still, what is it about human blood that draws mosquitoes? Why can they not feed on grass or soil or some other natural outdoor element that does not bother humans. Well, as it turns out, female mosquitoes need blood to fertilize their egg nest. It is not so much human blood that fertilizes their eggs, but the sugar inside it.

Ready to Get Started?

If your family, friends, and guests are constantly bothered by these hungry females, then contact our mosquito control Winston Salem NC experts of the additional areas of Greensboro NC and Kernersville NC today. Even if these insects have a nest to feed, we want you to live comfortably in your backyard. Our mosquito control technicians operate with a professional mentality when it comes to protecting your home in Winston Salem, NC, High Point, NC, and beyond. They are well-trained pest control technicians and are ready to do the job. We are equipped with the best tools possible to remove the source of your mosquito problem. We believe in giving the best service possible so that you can take control over your home. Contact us today to get started!

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