The Mosquito Life Cycle

mosquito on water

Mosquitoes are irritating pests, especially during this time of year. Their numbers are rising and with that comes the increased risk of illnesses. Despite their annoyance, mosquitoes do have an interesting life cycle, with some species taking between 7 days to a month before they become female adult mosquitoes capable of biting.

Life Cycle Of Mosquitoes

Knowing the life cycle of mosquitoes is essential to understanding how to best control them. Here’s a quick guide to the stages of the mosquito life cycle:

Stage 1: Eggs

Mosquito eggs are laid one at a time or attached in groups, depending on the species. Some species like the Anopheles, Ochlerotatus and Aedes lay eggs singly, while others can form rafts containing up to 200 eggs. These eggs can hatch into larvae within 48 hours, so it is important to remove sitting water from your property as soon as possible.

Stage 2: Larvae

After hatching, larvae live in the water and come to the surface for air. During this stage, they shed their skin four times, growing bigger each time. They feed on microorganisms and organic matter that are present in the water. During their fourth molt, they become pupae. If you spot larvae, you may be able to prevent them from growing into a pupa by disposing of the water, as they need nutrients from the water to complete their transformation. 

Stage 3: Pupa

The pupal stage is a resting, non-feeding phase of development where pupae are able to move using their tails towards the bottom or protective areas in response to light changes. In the case of Culex species in the southern US, this process can take two days during summer. After completion, the pupal skin splits and the adult mosquito emerges.

Stage 4: Adult 

Once at the surface of the water, mosquitoes dry off their body parts and leave their nesting spot. They don't start to feed on available blood or mate until a few days later.

What Is The History Of Mosquitoes?

From flies to gnats, mosquitoes are known all around the world and have very specific names based from each part of the world. They have been called “musketas,” “zancudos,” and even “les cousins” by various natives around the globe. Spain, Germany, America  and several other countries have been known to experience life with mosquitoes.

How Many Mosquito Types Are There?

We know. It would be nice if we could rid the world of all of them, or at least the world of our backyard. At it happens, there are more than 3,000 kinds of mosquitoes in the world. Those native to North Carolina fall into several categories and our mosquito control Winston Salem NC experts have the know-how to handle them all.

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