We are excited to share some exciting news from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As of late last year, scientific reports supported our mosquito control Winston Salem NC integrated approach to infestations like the ones that can happen right in your backyard. Each year the EPA works with the CDC to ensure the health and disease needs of the United States are being met. With more recent outbreaks of Zika, this collaboration became even more necessary for our citizens, including those right here in Greensboro NC, Winston Salem NC, and Kernersville NC. At last, a more multi-performing way to beat mosquitoes may nationally be underway, and our mosquito control Winston Salem NC team stands behind it.

The EPA and CDC found there are 4 ways to help stop mosquitoes on your property, which helps prevent harmful viruses and diseases.

  1. Remove Their Homes: it might sound tragic for them, but it is good for you to remove the habitats that mosquitoes build. Our team knows where to habitats happen to be located and can help you identify them. Some of these habitats include birdbaths, planters, toys, and other containers that would hold standing water.
  2. Seal Them Out: if you can invest in netting for your outdoor activities and for your baby carriers and cribs, do so. In addition, be sure that your walls, doors, windows and other household openings are sealed. Once mosquitoes find a way inside, they can become extra annoying.
  3. Catch Them as Larvae: this means stopping the mosquitoes when they are just a couple stages (and a few days) from becoming adults. Once they become adults, they move away from water, start mating, and worst of all – they start biting. Our mosquito control Winston Salem NC team can help you stop them at this point.
  4. Stop Them From Adulting: mosquitoes do not need to grow up into adults in your front and back yard as it is at this point that they become extra problemsome, especially in scenic areas in North Carolina. If they have become adults, it is still not too late to end them. Merely, contact us so we can use specialized equipment to make them go away.

These efforts combined will be a huge step in the right direction of having no more mosquitoes. If you are ready to help the nation get rid of them, stand with science and contact NoMosquitoes.com today.