Mosquitoes around the whole world have been known to carry several types of viruses and parasites that bring diseases like chikungunya, dengue, Zika, and malaria to the United States. If you plan on traveling to areas where these are found or have been reported, our mosquito control Winston Salem NC team advises that you take steps to protect yourself prior to putting yourself at risk. If that means speaking with your healthcare provider about prevention medication, then start the conversation.

You can also keep these tips in mind from our mosquito control Winston Salem NC experienced professionals.

  • Make sure your room has air conditioning or screened windows and doors so that you can keep mosquitoes out of your territory
  • Make sure you are inside a mosquito net if you plan to be outdoors, because they can live inside and outside
  • Make sure you dress appropriately, even if the weather is warming up, because they can bite through thin clothes
  • Make sure you bring an EPA approved and registered repellant with you that you know you can trust
  • Make sure you protect your clothes, belongings, and family by treating them with the appropriate gear and products

With traveling season reaching its peak, our mosquito control Winston Salem NC, Greensboro NC, and Kernersville NC team want to make sure you will be alright. Have family or friends coming to visit your neighborhood? Let us treat your backyard to an effective treatment that will limit the mosquito population on your property. We would much rather our customers be safe than sorry this Spring 2017. Notably, the Zika Virus threat in the United States is not over yet and it may rise this very year. Those traveling are advised to be prepared for anything, especially if they visit certain countries.

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