Have you had a mosquito problem for quite some time? Are you tired of running through your resources to get rid of them? According to our mosquito control Winston Salem NC specialists and the Center for Disease Control, there are a few actions you can take or avoid to control these pests. Of course, if they seem to be out of hand – contact NoMosquitos.Com and we will have you enjoying your outdoor living space in no time.

In the meanwhile, here are several tips that you may want to follow:

Do – take preventative measures to protect your family, especially your small ones and any of your pets.

Don’t – use just any spray or repellant that is out there on the shelf, especially if your small one is younger than 2 months old.

Do – wear long-sleeved clothes if the weather permits it. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable to wear them, but if mosquitoes can’t get to your skin – they can’t get to you.

Don’t – wear clothes with permethrin directly on your skin. Though known to be protective after they are washed, these clothes can become unhealthy.

Do – what you can to keep mosquitoes outdoors. Our mosquito control Winston Salem NC team knows they are no fun once they are inside.

Don’t – leave windows and doors wide open. At least keep a screen or some other shield between your indoors and outdoors so you can keep adventurous mosquitoes away.

If you live in Greensboro, NC or Winston-Salem, NC – NoMosquitoes.Com knows all the dos and don’ts of mosquito control. In addition to being trained and experienced, we have the right tools in our kit to take effective mosquito prevention steps.

Most families and individuals want to handle mosquito pests on their own. If you have tried everything, however, perhaps it is time to save yourself the hassle and allow our pros to step in. Of course, we will guide you afterwards so that you can keep mosquitoes away.

Notably, we’re always a phone call away. Do Handle Your Mosquito Problem with NoMosquitos.Com.