Depending on who you ask, Zika is more of a virus than a disease or vice versa, or it is even a combination of both. It primarily spreads through a bite from a mosquito of the Aedes gene, which is one of the four most common types of mosquitoes in North Carolina. If you fear you have a mosquito problem in your backyard, we are mosquito control Winston Salem NC professionals at NoMosquitoes.Com, and we are here to assist you. And, if you are worried about the Zika virus-disease situation, maybe the NC: Health and Human Services Department can reassure you.

Where Did It Come From?

Early last year, the first case of the Zika virus was detected  by the NC: Health and Human Services Department. The symptoms, which usually include a rash, a fever, and others were handled. It was then that the outbreak was occurring in Central and South America in places like Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Who Does the Zika Virus-Disease Affect?

Blood donors, pregnant women, and those who have traveled from certain parts of those may have had concerns when it came to being infected. Pregnant women, especially, must be tested to ensure they are not transmitting the disease if they are worried.

Would Mosquito Control Help?

Preventing mosquitoes is always a safe and reassuring method for handling the pests, especially if you seem to have an infestation around your home or business. Thankfully, our mosquito control Winston Salem NC professionals are available. With NoMosquitoes.Com, you can begin taking the right measures against mosquitoes.

We additionally serve Greensboro, NC and Kernersville, NC and we are on your side. Whether it is a virus or a disease or both, Zika must be taken seriously – as must the mosquitoes in your backyard.

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