Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance, but they are a major concern for people all around the world. Proper mosquito control in Winston Salem, NC is sometimes the best remedy. There are many types of species, with the United States itself being home to over 150 different kinds. Mosquitoes may be just a small insect but they are carriers of many deadly diseases that affect both humans and animals.


The pesky mosquito may be small but it is extremely dangerous. Disease is spread when an infected mosquito bites its prey. There are many viruses in the United States that are on the rise thanks to the mosquito such as:

  • West Nile
  • Eastern equine
  • Western equine encephalitis
  • Yellow fever
  • Saint Louis encephalitis
  • La Crosse encephalitis
  • Dengue fever Malaria

There are others like Zika fever that is moving in this direction requiring more mosquito control efforts.

Numbers on the Rise

The population of mosquitoes is increasing at an alarming rate. Experts believe that there are several reasons for this including:

  • Longer mosquito seasons
  • Warmer temperatures
  • Shorter incubation times
  • Increased rainfall
  • More standing water

These factors are contributing to the rise of mosquitoes across the nation.

Home Infestations

The problem of mosquitoes starts with homeowners who are not aware that there property may be a prime breeding ground. The fact is, if there is standing water, mosquitoes will find it and begin to multiply at an alarming rate. The key to stopping them is to eliminate the breeding grounds by using mosquito control. Stopping them at the source is the first step.

Need More Help?

People who live in the Winston Salem, Kernersville, and Greensboro, North Carolina area turn to for help. They offer free inspections and can get the problem under control fast. Their team of experts knows what it takes to stop mosquitoes before they have a chance to spread disease. Call them today at (336) 203-9625 or contact them online

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