Mosquitoes, also known as, “needle bugs” are pesky insects that happen to come around this time of year. They reach their height around the summer time, which makes March a beneficial time to start seeking them out before they seek you. With NoMosquitoes.Com, your mosquito control Winston Salem NC guide for the additional areas of Kernersville and Greensboro, you can defeat needle bugs like mosquitoes from taking over your yard.

You can additionally follow these few tips from the Mosquito Organization to help defeat them:

  • Drain – mosquitoes are attracted to standing water. Whether it is sitting in a planter or sitting in a bird bath, they rely on water to breed. If they have a spot to breed in your backyard, then you could end up giving birth to an infestation that no one in the neighborhood will be happy about.
  • Dress – studies show that these needle bugs are more attracted to dark colors that we wear. And, since they can bite through tough materials – it actually helps to wear light colored, loose clothing. With Winter going away soon, it does not make a lot of sense to wear long sleeved clothes and pants. So, do what makes you feel comfortable.
  • Defend – if you have already started treating your bites, then it is already time to start treating your outdoors with mosquito control Winston-Salem NC service. In the meantime, consider using products that have been researched, reviewed, and recommended for use against these pests.

There are plenty of other mosquito methods out there, but when there is an infestation – these methods tend to fail us when we need them most. By going local, you can receive competitive priced mosquito control service from NoMosquitoes.Com.

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