When you have had it with mosquitoes, you might be tempted to invest in a mosquito zapper. Or, you may even have one hanging up on your back porch now.

Even so, our mosquito control Winston Salem NC team at NoMosquitoes.Com wonders about these objects.

Are they worth the investment? Do they really work?  How long do they last? If you have been wondering too, check out the relevant information on these products from the Mosquito Organization.

  • Are they worth the investment? You can find these bug zappers at your nearest department store for $50 and up. The few studies that have been done, however, show there is no real difference in the number of mosquitoes before and after you buy one of these.
  • Do they really work? Yes – they capture some mosquitoes, but if there is an infestation in your backyard, a bug zapper is not going to stop them. Sadly enough, the majority of them still prefer humans to bright, ultra-lighting.
  • How long do they last? Well, they can last a season, but within that season, – they only catch about 6.4% of the mosquitoes that wander into your space. That does not sound much like mosquito control Winston Salem NC service if you ask us.

For longer lasting, effective mosquito control, allow NoMosquitoes.Com to hang out in your backyard. In time, you can have a mosquito-free yard space where your friends and loved ones can come over without having to hear ‘zaps’ every five seconds during the conversation.

While zappers can work, they have to be maintained with power, cleaning, and possibly even replacement. At least with our mosquito-savvy team on your side, you can have more “yay” in your life than “nay.”

Forget Bug Zappers. Invest in a Long Lasting Solution to Mosquito Pests with NoMosquitoes.Com

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