You may not have even realized it, but standing water in your outdoor living space is a top way to attract mosquitoes. Not just one or two, standing water can attract an entire population! If you live near a pond, creek, lakes, or even smaller amounts of standing water like birth baths or fountains – then you are potentially at risk for an infestation. If you fear that it is already too late, contact our mosquito control Winston Salem NC team or Greensboro NC and Kernersville NC and we will get rid of the mosquitoes in no time. If you already have standing water, then please keep this information handy. Obviously, we can’t always change where we live, and if we love the view of the lake or pond from our front of back door – what are we going to do? The key thing to do is contact our mosquito control Winston Salem NC pros at so that we can handle the situation.

How Does Standing Water Cause Infestation?

Standing water provides a nesting place for mosquitoes. Indeed, it allows mosquito larvae to breathe just beneath its surface. Though they cannot yet bite of fly, it is a matter of time before they grow up and take over the space around them. As long as the water isn’t standing then you might be okay. For instance, check that the water has a fountain or a pouring element that keeps it from staying still.

Can Chemicals Kill a Mosquito Infestation?

Well, that depends on the combination of chemicals that you use. In a desperate situation, you might go out and buy the nearest and cheapest item on the shelf that will kill bugs. However these tactics – like oily candles or DEET bracelets may not do the trick. It is only until you invest in true mosquito control equipment like our mosquito control Winston Salem NC team has that you stand a chance against infestation.

Get Rid of Standing Water with

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