We know you are probably not a fan of mosquitoes. Of all the insects in the world, we feel like they are among the worst in existence. They always travel together. They always bite. They always end up attacking us when we are out and about. Want to chill by the pool? Well, you can’t be in your bathing suit, because it exposes to much skin. And no, chlorine does not stop them from wanting you. Want to grill out in the backyard with burgers, spare ribs, and hot dogs, well you can’t. And no, it is not because they want your food. It is because they you’re your blood.

Nonetheless, our mosquito control Winston Salem NC team wants to keep you informed about the science of mosquitoes. We especially thought you might be curious to know what it is that their bites itch…a lot.

So, here is what you need to know.

  • It is not really a bite. Rather, the female mosquito (as she is the only one that feeds on blood) pokes our skin with her straw-like mouth. Of course, it feels like a bite when it happens, and no one wants to go around saying they were poked by an insect.
  • The female mosquito searches for a blood vessel. Eww, right? In reality, she has to get her fill of our blood somehow. More than just poke us and dig around for a vessel, she has a technique for keeping our blood pumping. It is almost crazy to think about.
  • Some feel the “bite” right away while others do not realize they have been bitten (or poked) until their skin swells up and a reddish bump appears. Our reaction is to scratch it, rub it, or put something on it. But even prior to our reaction, our immune system helps us out.

We could give you even more details, but we are not of a mood to creep you out. Learn more about mosquitoes with our mosquito control Winston Salem NC experts.

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