Spring Break 2017 is happening now or is about to happen for you and your family. If your plans are to travel, hike, camp, swim, or venture outdoors in other ways – our mosquito control Winston Salem NC team wants to help you avoid as many bites as you can. Certain kinds of insects including mosquitoes have already started bothering our valued family of customers and it is not cool. To protect your babies, kids, and family members – the Center for Disease Control wants you to reduce your risk for bites like so:

  1. Use a Repellent- though they don’t always work, they can be better than having nothing at all. Oils, candles, DEET. Check what is safe if you are pregnant or if you have young children and then pack up what you can for your trip.
  2. Cover Bare Skin- to wear a two piece or a one piece would be the only question to ask yourself if mosquitoes did not exist. Unfortunately, they do so when you are not in water, cover up as much skin as you can while remaining comfy.
  3. Avoid Infestation-hotels and apartment complexes with outdoor pool areas are just as likely to have mosquito infestations as we are. Keep a close eye on your little ones if it seems they are splatting mosquitoes every 5 minutes, and alert someone where you are staying.

We know you want to have fun this Spring Break and we know you want to enjoy the outdoors. The sooner you are prepared with mosquito protection, the sooner you can get out there enjoy these warmer days. For more advice or if you have a mosquito control Winston Salem NC issue, contact NoMosquitoes.Com. We also serve Kernersville NC and Greensboro NC.

Know Before You Go Now.

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