As mosquito control experts in Greensboro, NC, we believe it is so important that you have all tools possible when it comes to dealing with these pests. With over 30 years of experience in pest control, we have a couple tips and tricks on what you can do to prevent mosquitoes from investing your space. Follow the following tips to stay mosquito-free all year long.

1. Ditch Standing Water

The single most important thing you can do for mosquito control around your home is to remove sources of standing water. For mosquitoes to fertilize their eggs, they need two things: standing water and your blood. Since your blood is available, you have to get rid of the standing water.

Water collects in clogged gutters, birdbaths, ditches, buckets, low points, even certain kinds of flowers. There are other objects, such as tires or cans, which are less obvious: rainwater cannot easily get inside a discarded beer can, but once inside, it will stay there for a long time. And mosquitoes are small—they do not need much water to breed.

2. Create a Dry Zone

In the immediate vicinity of your house, you should treat any standing water, no matter how small, with a zero-tolerance approach. Don’t forget the interior of your house: a damp basement can be a mosquito metropolis. But don’t expect this to be the end of your mosquito control efforts. After all, your neighbors could be running a tire dump, or you might live near a swamp.

3. Use Smart Prevention Tools

Mosquitoes head for light, motion, and carbon dioxide. Now, you don’t want to sit in the dark, holding your breath. But many mosquito traps rely on either UV light or carbon dioxide (or both) to attract mosquitoes and then kill them. These systems make sense for a lawn party, but realize that they are bringing more mosquitoes to your house…some of which won’t get killed. Repellent systems like Deet, metofluthrin, and some (not all) herbal products are better choices for routine use since they actually drive mosquitoes away.

Ready for Mosquito Control in Greensboro, NC?

We employ a comprehensive strategy to control mosquito populations in and around your Greensboro, NC yard. We use our knowledge and experience from 30 years of service to inspect your yard to get the critters where they live and breed. Mosquitoes breed so quickly that killing the flying adults is not enough to deal with the problem. We come up with a game plan to both remove the pests and prevent them from coming back. Our expert technicians will advise you on how to eliminate the breeding grounds and can even provide seasonal treatment. Take back control today by contacting us for a consultation!

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