Frequently Asked Questions 

Do mosquito services work?

The answer is yes. When a custom mosquito treatment is done by a professional it will kill the existing adult population of mosquitoes on your property and eliminate the larvae.

While no company can guarantee 100% mosquito control or eradication, our treatments are highly effective. You will notice a drastic improvement after the initial treatment and it will continue to improve as the season progresses.

Keep in mind, should an infestation continue after one of our treatments, we will return at no additional cost to retreat under your seasonal package. 

How do mosquito treatments work?

We will treat your property with the most effective products on the market. Our treatments contain adulticides, growth regulators and larvicides as a complete approach to keeping you mosquito free.

The chemical compound we use is called Bifenthrin (part of the Pyrethroid family). Bifenthrin insecticide is a manmade version of pyrethrin, which is derived from chrysanthemum flowers.

Pyrethroids are lethal to mosquitoes plus a few other undesirables like fleas and ticks. Once it dries however (normally 1 hour on a sunny day), the treatment isn’t harmful to humans. This combination makes it perfect for mosquito control in a residential environment.

Do you use safe products?

All of our products we use to control mosquitoes on your property are both safe and effective when applied by our trained professions.  

For customers who prefer a “natural product” approach, we do have eco-friendly natural treatments that utilize ingredients such as rosemary oil, peppermint and geraniol .  While these treatments do work, they will break down sooner and require more frequent applications. 

How long do mosquito treatments last?

In most cases, it takes about 30 days before the treatment starts to breakdown. This is why we will always recommend that you have your property treated each month during peak season (April to September).

Will rain affect mosquito treatments?

In most cases it will not. Once the product has dried (normally 1 hour on a sunny day), it will bind with the foliage and continue to work until we return for the next scheduled service. Treatments are also applied under the foliage which aid in reducing washout.

If heavy or prolonged rains are expected on the day of your scheduled service, we will hold off the treatment to the next favorable day. If weather does become an issue, keep in mind that our service includes a callback warranty if you still see mosquitoes after any service.

Is there an extra charge for service outside of peak mosquito season?

If you are on our Full Season package, there will not be any additional charges should weather extend the mosquito season. Just call us in the non-peak month if mosquitoes are still being reported on your property and we will do a full treatment at no charge.

Is it safe for pets and children?

Yes, we just ask you to keep pets and children out of the treated area for about 1 hour while the treatment dries.

We do ask that before we start a mosquito service that you place your pets inside and remove all pet or children’s toys from the lawn. Any pet water or food bowls should be turned over or removed. Our technicians are trained to also keep an eye out for those items.

Will this kill bees or flowering bushes?

We treat only the perimeter of the property and foliage. We do not treat the lawn. We never treat flowers, flowering bushes, vegetable gardens or fruit trees. We also verify with any known bee keepers through a partnership with Fieldwatch to minimize exposure to bees.

  • “I was able to talk to this young technician named Nolan who was trying to treat my neighbor’s place as she was having issues with mosquitoes. Obviously, I have the same issues as well so he did provide me ways to get rid of it.”

    Anthony L.

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