3 Ways to Control Mosquitoes Without Repellant

NoMosquitoes.com wants to give you all the tools necessary when it comes to mosquito control in Winston Salem, NC. We know that these pests can be a huge nuisance and some methods work better than others. We know that some people don’t want to have to result from the harsh chemicals found in insect repellent.

We’ve heard about a variety of techniques people have employed in attempts to shield themselves from the nuisance of mosquito infestations. Use of repellent candles, DEET containing jewelry, or slathering the skin with various natural home remedies have left some people feeling less than satisfied. Follow some of these helpful steps to control mosquitoes and lessen the likelihood of being bitten.

1. Wear Bright Clothes

Wear light colored, tightly woven fabrics. The thinking behind this suggestion is that light colors are less attractive to mosquitoes. The tighter fabrics also make it way more difficult for them to reach the skin at all.

2. It’s All About The Timing

Mosquitoes are generally very active at dusk and dawn because this is the coolest time of the day in the Summer. Try to think about what times of day you schedule some events. Sometimes things can wait until a better time. If you are planning an event in the evening or dusk prepare some candles or maybe even move the event indoors.

3. Get The Air Flowing

If you place fans around areas which you will be, then you’ll greatly reduce the amount of mosquitoes. The idea behind this strategy is to create extra breeze. Mosquitoes generally avoid areas with air flow because it can harm them.

Need More Help?

If your mosquito population problem is bigger than can be addressed with the above suggestions, it may be time to call a professional for help with mosquito control. With over 30 years of pest control experience, our company provides professional technicians to address your mosquito problem thoroughly and effectively. Contact us at NoMosquitoes.com to discuss mosquito control solutions.

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