Though malaria is rare in the United States, with less than about 20, 000 cases per year, it’s still important to know its relevant myths. As malaria is a blood disease caused by a parasite, it makes sense that it can only be spread by the female Anopheles mosquito. Notably, the female mosquito is the only type of mosquito that consumes human blood. If you fear you have an infestation of these parasites in your backyard, definitely let our mosquito control Winston Salem NC experts know. We know you might be wondering how such a small, seemingly insignificant insect could pass on such a terrible, even fatal disease. As it happens, there are over 100 species of her type and those who travel from countries like Africa or Thailand into the US keep up the need to raise awareness.

Our mosquito control Winston Salem NC experts ask you to keep these myths in mind:

  1. It Doesn’t Kill – malaria may not kill often, but there are sad cases where it has. In addition, it can lead to flu like symptoms, a coma, and learning disabilities.
  2. It Can Be Remedy-Treated – we might like to believe that some home mixture can make malaria go away, but there is no actual proof these remedy mixtures work.
  3. It’s Avoidable Since Mosquitoes Avoid Me – eh, not quite. If a mosquito control Winston Salem NC problem is happening near you, you are going to be a target at some point or another.

Even with malaria being as rare as it is, there is a need to stay informed about its potential danger. If you happen to be making travel plans for Spring Break or Summer 2017, just be aware of the risks of malaria in certain areas. Some places can have both low and high chances of you catching the disease. It depends on which sides of the country you dwell in.

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